A Word from the Author

What started off as a creative quarantine project to visually share the rich stories of Nigerian culture in a way my young niece and nephew could understand, turned into a children's book for all.

Reminded of the costumes, dancing, singing, and revelry of Ekpe Masquerades I see during travels back home (to Nigeria) through my work with the Let Girls Read, Run, Grow (LGRRG) charity, it is important to share our culture with the world.

Through LGRRG we plan to build a Primary School for girls in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria ̶ where many of these celebrations take place. All proceeds from this book will go to support this school.

Idara Otu, Author

Book Details

Author: Idara Otu

Illustrator: An Hryvtsova

Reading Age: 3 - 8 years

Language: English

Grade Level: Preschool - 3rd Grade

Number of Pages: 38